The Proof Is In The Cup

Quality is not an accidental thing, and it does not happen without very careful attention to detail at every step of the process.

“Almost all coffee roasters claim that they ”work with farmers” but few can back the promise. Intelligentsia travels to our coffeeís source each of the 12 months of the year. We visit farms, roll up our sleeves, and get to it. We take 24-hour redeye flights and 10-hour, high-altitude pick-up rides over serpentine roads. You pick up our coffee and we shake the hand of a farmer in Peru. Or Rwanda. Or Guatemala. And when you see the Intelligentsia Direct Trade logo on our bag, you know how much effort is invested in each bean.”

The Coffee

Passionate About Fine Coffee

Our coffee is 100% organic, Direct Trade Certified and regionally roasted so you can count on it being as fresh as possible every time. We offer 3 unique brewing methods:

1. Traditional Brewed Coffee

This is just what you think it is. We grind the beans just before we brew our special House Blend coffee using our Fetco Brewing Machine. Every hour on the hour, we dump any remaning coffee and brew a fresh batch to ensure your coffee is always hot and always at peak flavor.

2. Chemex Pour Over

We craft each batch by hand, one serving at a time. Using a large glass "beaker", we heat the water to 207 degrees and pour it over the coffee grounds in a clockwise direction. The Chemex Pour Over method is ideally suited to showcase our single-orgin coffees from around the world, bringing out their high and low notes and unique flavors.

3. French Press

The classic french method. Unlike the Chemex which produces a very clean brew with zero sediment, coffee brewed with the French Press is bold, filled with the natural coffee oils and usually leaves a few grounds of goodness in your cup. We make it one serving at a time. It's the perfect way to enjoy one our seasonal blends.

Direct Trade

At Remedy we proudly serve Intelligentsia Direct Trade coffee. We believe in coffee quality and have made a commitment to our customers to offer only truly dazzling Specialty Coffees that speak for themselves in the cup. We believe that to get such coffees we need to work closely with actual producers, not just importers or exporters, so that we can build great coffees from the very start.

Learn more about Direct Trade coffee.

In Season

Coffee is just like great fruit and vegetables. Most coffee-producing countries have only one specific harvest season each year, and once the coffee is picked from the tree, it begins the inevitable process of slow decline, losing quality with the passage of time. The result is that no matter how great a coffee tastes while in its prime, the day will always come when it loses the very things that made it so tasty in the first place.

At Remedy our coffees are offered only while they are fresh and retain the vibrancy that both nature and the coffee farmer intended. Selecting your coffees in this way ensures that you are getting them while they are their most delicious.

Organic Ingredients

We do our best to source the very finest local, organic ingredients. We partner with Cruze Dairy Farms to ensure sure all of our espresso based beverages are made with fresh, organic milk from happy, grass fed cows right here in East Tennessee.

From baked goods to chocolate, our buying decisions support farmers, co-ops, and local companies that deliver rich, quality ingredients. By purchasing products that are created responsibly and sustainably, we can be sure that our enjoyment of these goods does not come at the expense of the people who work hard to create them.